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Re: is RO really necessary for marines

Subject: Re: is RO really necessary for marines
by nith on 16/2/2010 7:01:30

Thanks for the interest everyone. I have since purchased an Orca TL-550 which is 128 litres. I've gone ahead and put in 50 litres of RO yesterday and will be getting 50 more today...the hard way with a lot of muscle! How much do you guys pay for RO? When I used to run my freshwater planted tank with Discus I would buy it at ?3 per 5 gallon refill but now the same shops sell it for ?5 per 5 gallon.

I am now looking for Live Rock. My LFS is selling it at ?14.95 per KG which imho is too expensive. I have found an online supplier that is based near me who are selling it at half price but they are out of stock for a week. I am aware that Live Rock will displace a lot of water but I had no idea that it could do as much as 45 litres in a 128litre aquarium!

So if anyone can recommend a Live Rock retailer I would appreciate it!!! I want to get good quality so I don't mind paying extra for it. I trust my LFS and have seen the live rock they are selling in store aquariums for the past two weeks so I am confident that it is fully cured!