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Re: is RO really necessary for marines

Subject: Re: is RO really necessary for marines
by cathie on 30/1/2010 19:13:24

If you are anywhere near me, the only place I can think of is that there is an health food shop in Stoke Newington that delivers RO water for drinking purposes to homes and businesses. If you are reasonably local to them and are buying more than ?20 delivery is free, otherwise ?5, but as it's 20p per litre, you'd be spending ?40 on your initial fill.


NB - I have no idea how they look after their RO membrane etc. I wouldn't buy it for fishkeeping without going in to chat to them, employing my own TDS meter on it etc. and making it clear that you would have to test and reject it if TDS unacceptable which I'm sure their drinking water customers don't do! so it may not be the solution ...