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Re: is RO really necessary for marines

Subject: Re: is RO really necessary for marines
by nith on 20/1/2010 22:36:31

Hi everyone, Thanks for the responses. The cost is not a factor at all it was more baulking at the effort of carrying the 5 gallon containers.

If I am getting a 200 litre aquarium I don't see the point in getting an RO unit installed as I will only be doing 20litres a week max and they output more than that in a day right? I object to the concept of wastage of water as well as the cost.

My LFS that sells RO is not close to me and I am not aware of any others. Also its gonna be a real back pain doing the initial fill up. With my single canister it would take me at least 7 trips possibly 6 accounting for displacement of the LR. That would be back breaking and very time consuming. I was just looking for alternatives as once the initial fill up is done I will manage fine with a single trip per week to get water.

Does anyone know of an RO delivery service for North London?

I definitely want inverts!