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Re: is RO really necessary for marines

Subject: Re: is RO really necessary for marines
by Howard on 20/1/2010 20:57:54

It's not just the minerals , TDS refers to total dissolved solids , these can be anything sand , copper , bits of poo even.

If you are never planning to keep inverts you MAY get away with it , but you'll do the bacteria in the LR no favours and it won't work at full efficiency.

If you are thinking of scrimping at this stage ( the initial setup ) then maybe you should think again about keeping marines. Nothing can be done cheaply really.

BTW RO units have a very high waste to product ratio , it is nothing like 1 to 1. More like at best 3 to 1 , worst case 5 to 1. Assuming you are talking about proper RO units and not 'water purification' units.