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is RO really necessary for marines

Subject: is RO really necessary for marines
by nith on 20/1/2010 0:32:11

I am just about to order my first marine tank(deciding between orca tl-550 and aqua one 200).
I have been keeping tropical fish for over a decade and have always used dechlorinated tap water for that. I also have a planted tank that I use RO water for the plants and discus (very sensitive)that I keep.

I intend to keep Fish with live rock only. My question is, Is it necessary to use RO for this? I have recently had a de-salination plant installed which I understand removes limescale and other minerals. Is this water suitable.

I only ask because I have a water meter at my house so buying an RO unit would cost a lot due to wastage and buying and transporting 5gallon containers of RO from my LFS is both costly and difficult because it is not so local.

Do I have to suck it up and do the trips or is ther an alternative?

Any advice appreciated.