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Re: Best external filter for 160 litre tank?

Subject: Re: Best external filter for 160 litre tank?
by Squish on 14/1/2010 13:59:50

I've completely changed my mind about trickle filters, the one on my teeny tank is fab and you can fit a lot of media into the hood too.

Ummm, I don't know about tanks, still working on my dad to build me one but of course the forum went down before I could show him pics of Jay's. It won't be until the summer at least though, I'm finishing up my phd then so who knows where I'll be living as me and OH are now wondering if it would be more sensible to wait until I'm done before we find somewhere. If it looks like my fishies don't have space though I will just bite the bullet and get a bigger tank even if I have to keep the goldies at my dad's until we move. It's just up the road so I'd still see them loads . I would prefer a long, shallower tank than most the ones you can buy so custom made will probably be my best bet.

Currently looking at the FLuval 305 as I have the Fluval U4 internal and like it a lot.

PS HI!!! So good to be back in contact with everyone. I've been lost without the forum. And I've had nothing but work to do at work haha!