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Re: Best external filter for 160 litre tank?

Subject: Re: Best external filter for 160 litre tank?
by rachyw82 on 14/1/2010 13:01:13

StinkyFishEggs PM'd his mobile number to me to use if I ever needed his advice when offline, and the bloomin' site went down before I had change to save the number to my contacts!

I ordered my Eheim filter off eBay for ?44.99 with a few extra pounds postage and it arrived within 2 days, very impressed. The seller does other filters too, but needed an external in an emergency with not much money to spend and I know how good Eheims are, so went for the 2213 classic.

I am gutted about the xmas comp pics too, I made all mine up in Photoshop ready and never got a chance to share them :( Boooo!