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Re: Best external filter for 160 litre tank?

Subject: Re: Best external filter for 160 litre tank?
by Squish on 13/1/2010 16:05:25

Thanks guys,

I'll look into the Tetratec ones. Or the larger eheim. I'd rather pay a bit more now and not have to fork out again when I upgrade.

Hi Jay and Rachy :D

I have had a few texts off Frances and off ziggy too. Poor ziggy says her tank is still cycling!

The babies are great, they're not so baby anymore as they're getting so big. The black moor is a boy and I think the rest are girls so hopefully I won't have any future problems with that male to female ratio.

Rachy if you could send me Frances' email address I'd really appreciate it as I'd love to send her some pics.

Lovely to hear from you both again by the way!