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Re: Best external filter for 160 litre tank?

Subject: Re: Best external filter for 160 litre tank?
by rachyw82 on 13/1/2010 15:55:17

Lisa!!! HI!!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas / New Year? How are your babies doing?

Anyway, I have 2 of these filters, one for each of my tanks. They are brilliant, cannot fault them.

However, I would advise one with more turnover and more capacity in the canister to house media for your tank, as you have more fish. The 2213 classic has a 3 litre canister capacity, but the more fish you have, the more waste they produce etc etc (you know this already). I have 2 fish in each tank which is fine for now, but I aim for 4 fish in my larger tank eventually, so will be upgrading the filter for that one.

Hope that helps x