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Re: Poorly Chromis

Subject: Re: Poorly Chromis
by Howard on 20/1/2010 21:07:27

Not having a tiff mate , just trying to help . You don't seem interested in it though .

And as for the newbie piping up with that nonsense , do you not think that because something has been worked out throught trial and error to be correct that it's worth perserveing with it ?

Robin , people like you are the cause of so many unnessecary fish deaths its unreal ...

'Oh it'll be ok , just get on with it' ..... hilarious.

No one is giving you 'outdated' advice , just advice on how to give the fish the best chance of survival , that has been gleaned through years ( not just me , but of others too ) of fishkeeping. 25 years ago , it was thought that you had done well to keep a marine fish alive for a year in captivity.

Anyway , good luck with your tank.