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Re: Poorly Chromis

Subject: Re: Poorly Chromis
by electrogear on 18/1/2010 21:45:15


Howard wrote:
Ok , carry on the way you are.

I don't think you needed to get in a tiff with me about it, I was only questioning why, having zero readings, you still said the fish will have died due to stocking too quickly, I think it was a fair question.


Howard wrote:
Adding sick fish to your system is a recipe for disaster ( why were they ever added in the first place ? )

As I've already explained, the first sick fish was the first in my system. I added it as I don't have a QT tank... I wanted to try and revive the fish and taking it back to the LFS would only have made it worse. I know I should have QT them, and if it was possible I would have, I wasn't just being stupid, as you seem to think.


Howard wrote:

Not much more to say on this matter really , other than you are stocking too fast .

I would question how the general advice on all forums , not just this one is one a month , and yet one person ( your mate ) says otherwise and you follow that ? I would suggest that it is because it is what you want to hear.

I've seen 2 fish/2 weeks suggested on UR, and lots of other places. I'm not someone who does things on a whim, and, I don't listen only to what I want to hear (as you suggest). I do a lot of reading and there are that many contrasting opinions it's difficult to know which sources to trust. I've also seen 1 fish/month recommended, and I think the reason for this is to cover any situation. Big fish like tangs etc are going to place a lot more bioload on the tank than a little chromis or goby like the fish I have added. All I'm saying is that if you are comfortable with the nitrogen cycle, IMO I don't think you need to follow the 1 fish per month rule in all situations (although with larger fish, I would agree).

I think discussion is the only way to assertain the right information, and that is the only reason I was questioning it, so I'm sorry if it came across as an argument rather than a question.

I do trust my friend's advice as he's very up to date on fishkeeping, he breeds fish and sells to shops, sells corals online, and has his own forums, but I don't rely on him solely for advice, otherwise I wouldn't be posting on here. I never asked for any opinions on the cycle, that has never been an issue. With all respect, I know you have more knowledge and experience, but I don't like it when people tell me my fish are dying because of poor water quality, when I know my water quality is fine. I know I'm new to marines, and I may be I'm making some mistakes, I don't doubt that, I have taken your comments on board.