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Re: Poorly Chromis

Subject: Re: Poorly Chromis
by electrogear on 18/1/2010 20:42:23

Howard, I appreciate your response, but taking into account my tank readings, which have constantly been zero since around week 4, how do you explain the deaths of my fish as a consequence of my stocking too fast? Also, I have already explained that two out of the three fish that died were already ill (swimming sideways/rapid breathing/laying down) before even adding them to my system.

I know you're right about adding fish too fast, I think it is something I was doing a bit quick, but I still think 1 per month is overkill. Granted I don't have much experience, but a friend of mine who owns about 15 tanks gave me advice to add one per week, with regular testing and provided readings are still zero 1 week after new fish are introduced. I can see why you would recommend 1 fish per month to a beginner, because they need to get to grips with the cycle etc.