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Re: Poorly Chromis

Subject: Re: Poorly Chromis
by Howard on 18/1/2010 20:17:18

I stand by what i said , you are stocking far far too quickly.

The tank cycles with the die off from the LR , you don't need to add anything else , hence why if you get the rock from one tank to the other within a few minutes you can ( if you are lucky ) have an 'instant cycle' because there is no die off.

Acclimatisation time is good.

There is a reason that everyone recommends a fish a month using the berlin method , LR with skimmer , and that is because it works . You cannot rush it , no matter how tempting it is to , and i know that its frustrating because everyone wants a nice well stocked tank to look at , and you will in time , but you have to take it easy or you will have a lot of heartache ( as you are proving ).

It's easy to blame the LFS , importers , this or that , but at the end of the day if there is a clearly identifiable thing you are doing wrong , then 99% it will be this causing your fish deaths.

Remember the old adage that i tell everyone ?

Nothing good happens quickly in a marine tank.