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Re: Poorly Chromis

Subject: Re: Poorly Chromis
by electrogear on 18/1/2010 19:38:36

Hi Howard,

Here's what I did, (better breakdown for you):

Week 1: Filled tank & added LR.
Week 2: Tank had "cycled" although only with dieoff from LR, so added a prawn once every two days. I maintained this until there were no spikes and ammonia was steady at zero, it took about another 2 weeks.

Week 4: Added CUC (peppermint shrimp, 5x turbo snails)

Week 5: Added 3 damsels. Tested readings before adding them, and ~ 4 hours after. One of the three damsels did not look well even before it entered the tank. In the LFS it looked fine, but after travelling home to my house (~50 minute journey) it didn't look good. The other two were fine. The damsel died the next day. I checked water again, amm 0, nitrIte 0, nitrAte 30, salinity 1.026.

Week 6/7: Added a goby and 3 more turbo snails. Goby settled in well, eating anything that floated past, although took him a week to really come out from under his rock at feeding times. I had a turbo snail die. Monitored ammonia/nitrIte afterwards for 3 days - ammonia constant 0, with a tiny spike in nitrite.

Week 8: Added Scooter Blenny. Kept him in a net for a while to ween him on to frozen mysis, but he didn't need it, accepting mysis straight away. Great fish, lots of character and very active. He is fine still (this was about a week ago I added him).

End of last week (Week 9): 2 Banggaii Cardinals added. One was already pretty much dead and the second one only just made the night.

So, 7 fish have been added over 4 - 5 weeks, with 3 of them pass away. The LFS is new with Marines, and I'm just wondering if they are having some problems with their stock, as the fact I'm losing fish has nothing to do with my water quality, I know that for sure. I know that the Banggais were added too quickly without really waiting long enough after the blenny was added, I think that was a mistake on my part, but it didn't kill the fish, they weren't around long enough to have made any impact on the cycle, and I did check the readings again after removing them and all was fine (0).

Acclimatisation always done over 1.5 hours - 2 hours on the drip method.

I don't know what killed the fish, but I know it was nothing to do with the cycle, although I'd agree I added the last 2 fish too soon.

QT tank is not doable atm, not until I sell the FW tanks, there just isn't space, and I physically and financially can't do it. I knew this before I got the tanks and was prepared to take the risk and deal with any consequences of not quarantining.