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Re: Poorly Chromis

Subject: Re: Poorly Chromis
by spheon on 18/1/2010 14:51:56

I have just jumped ship and procured a quarantine tank! I have 2 clowns, 4 green chromis, 1 seargent, 2 regal blue tangs and cant now risk introducing new fish without quarantining...yes before anyone makes observations my system is suitable...

I decided rather than have a 'cheap' tank hidden away with all equipment hung on to go full works with a nano...will run it as proper tank/live rock/sane/critters etc but able to introduce new fish as and when, if after 6weeks all ok then bingo...over they go :)

Had quite a good deal at not so LFS tank/live rock/sand/heater etc etc... :)..all running and set up with some water change from existing system. Not the best nano out there but eh its a compromise between full system and quarantine only tank...and I don't want full nano otherwise it'll end up as a new tank and not the original idea..quarantine :)

sorry to hear about your fish...but as you say its a damn expensive hobby..what about some photies of all those tanks! :)