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Re: Poorly Chromis

Subject: Re: Poorly Chromis
by electrogear on 18/1/2010 13:18:22

I don't agree, although you are right - I do need a quarantine tank, but that can't be the reason for the fish deaths, seeing as A) The chromis were the first fish to be added to the tank, they did not need to be quarantined and B) The second fish died shortly after the acclimatisation period, and was already swimming sideways/laying down before adding it to the tank (and as far as I know there is no disease that would take a hold of a fish that quickly anyway.

Secondly (and don't take this the wrong way) I know what I am doing RE the nitrogen cycle, after keeping cichlids for a while and setting up temporary quarantine tanks dozens of times, I've become pretty good at it. My Live Rock started cycling by itself, due to die-off from transportation, but to make sure it was prepared for extra bioload I added a large prawn every 2 days. I monitored the tank parameters after adding each fish. I saw no ammonia spike after adding the cleanup crew (~week 3), 3 damsels (~week 5) goby (week 6) and Blenny (week 7). There isn't even a spike now after having one of the cardinals die in the tank. Live rock seems to me a lot better at coping with fluctuations in bioload than the ceramic media in a cannister filter. I do have a lot of it, and a fair bit of rubble in the rear chambers too. I know it seems odd that I'm an advisor and I'm going against general rule of thumb (one fish per month), but when you are confident enough to make your own call you don't really have to follow general rules any more. Sorry if that sounded big headed :S I do double check aparameters before purchasing new stock, as sometimes it can take while to notice any difference in the cycle after adding stock (at least that was my experience with FW).

For emergency use I have a bottle of Prime, which stops toxic ammonia in its tracks, it's great stuff, but I only rely on it for emergency use - it's not an alternative to good housekeeping and monitoring.

I am not sure whether it is worth me getting a quarantine tank, seeing as I plan on completely stocking the tank within the next few weeks, and all of the fish come from the same system in the LFS anyway, so they will have already shared the same water. I probably should, but I guess I'm thinking of a way out, as I already have another big FW tank and quarantine tank, and cichlid fry tank, so it's getting crowded in here, plus I'd have to buy more live rock for a quarantine tank, it's just too expensive as I've already spent about twice what I've spent on freshies in my first 2 months of keeping marines! :S