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Re: Poorly Chromis

Subject: Re: Poorly Chromis
by electrogear on 18/1/2010 2:46:33

The other two fish are doing well, although one has two little white spots. It's not white spot as it hasn't spread across the body and the spots are too big for whitepot, with a cauliflour like texture. I think it could be lymphosystitis, but it hasn't really spread in 3 weeks so I'm just keeping an eye on it.

I have since introduced a blackray goby and a Scooter Blenny (my fave - I have got him feeding on mysis). These fish are getting along great, eating plenty, and the Blackray is awaiting his pal (the Randall's pistol shrimp) which shouldn't be too far behind.

I also bought two Banggaii Cardinal fish last week, but unfortunately it didn't go well. The first one was on deaths door by the time I got it home, and died after acclimatising and 2 hours in the tank. The second seemed OK, and came out to feed after lights out, but the next morning he was lying on the sand breathing rapidly, only for the two shrimp to come out and drag him under some LR. :(

I can't say I've had a very sucessful start with marines, lost 3 out of 7 fish, but as far as I know I don't think I have done anything wrong.