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Poorly Chromis

Subject: Poorly Chromis
by electrogear on 30/12/2009 16:21:36


I bought 3 chromis yesterday, and a blackray shrimp goby. I acclimatised the fish using some airline from the tank using the drip method and a heater over about an hour. Two of the Chromis hung around on the right hand side of the tank for about an hour, then became very active and started eating copepods. The third Chromis went straight into hiding and didn't come out for about 4 hours. He ate a bit and seemed fine, started swimming around with the other two. This morning I couldn't see him, I was starting to think he was dead then he came out this afternoon and didn't look right, had a bit of a yellowish tinge to it and was swimming at a bit of an angle, being thrown about quite a bit by the current. Then he started sticking to the filter inlet, and now he's kinda floating around the tank doing little loops, almost dead I think.

Reading are:

Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 30 (this seems to have come back up from 10 in 2 days)
pH ~8.3

I've netted him for now and left him near the surface to stop him getting battered about in the current. I've also added 3/4 capful of prime to detoxify the nitrates.

Gill movement is very rapid and he's moving about a lot, but seems to have no coordination. Any ideas? Other fish are still eating and swimming as normal. Goby seems a bit angry, keeps popping out of his cave and warning off the Chromis (mouth open).