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by Biotope Aquatics on 31/7/2011 13:08:10

Jerry fed again. He(?) gave a second really good feeding response striking hard at his dinner and the 'killing' his frozen / defrost dinner for the next 10 minutes. He then took three hours trying to consume it from the wrong end. He looks a little 'podged' this morning though with a large bump in his tummy. Ben wasn't bothered again. I'll try again in another week...

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My mountain kings will go off their food in september I imagine. At least they have done in previous years. I'll switch off the heat two weeks after their last meal and not even think about warming them up, let alone feeding them again until next february. Just to put feeding frequencies into perspective. :)

The normal female Sinaloan above is actualy a bit on the fat side, so she's on a diet for the next three weeks at least.

You didn't notice the bambino gators then? Look very closely. I've seen quite a few wild snakes here and on my travels. I've had a grass snake slither just two feet from my wellies when fishing before. I've also seen a cotton mouth on holiday. The OH told me to get close so I could get a good pic. I passed the camera to her and told her to get really close, and then pointed out that they're venemous! Bless her. She passed me the camera straight back! lol

Anyway, I stayed about 6'to 8' away. Well out of it's tiny strike range. The mouth is wide open (No prizes for guessing where they get their names from) as it's warning me away. I saw a 6' foot indigo snake shortly after this but couldn't get a picture in time as these guys can really shift when they want too.

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Are there any other snake keepers on here? The thread could do with a few more pics! There has to be some. Reptiles are very common pets these days.

Will take pics of Micro cats and leafs in an empty tank. They really are difficult to snap. Sometimes it takes me 10 minutes just to spot a leaf fish! Longer if I'm not feeding them. I know this sounds daft, but sometimes you are looking at them without realising it is one of them. It's my fault for having far too many lillies in the tank. :(