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by suey2 on 31/7/2011 0:45:24

They're very lovely colours, quite intense aren't they. And Mr Black is a very fancy looking fellow, snakes aren't a pet I've ever wanted but he is rather pretty Mind you, the persuasive capacity of a trip to the sun would sway even me so I'm sure you'll have no probs with OH

Glad to hear the new babies are looking interested in food, they're so tiny I'd be a nervous wreck if they didn't eat for a day let alone a week!

Re the microsynodontis ... Cathie was on the verge of driving to Surrey to take her own pics of my new goldie tanks after much faffing about on my part ... I'm starting to see her point!

I've only ever seen one snake in the wild, it was an adder in the New Forest which had chosen to cross the road just as about 40 cyclists appeared. It wasn't impressed at being surrounded and had something of a comedy moment trying to decide what to do before realising it was best just to stay put and hiss over-dramatically at things

Will watch this space tomorrow then ...