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by Biotope Aquatics on 30/7/2011 17:35:32

Thanks Noodle.

Suey - Feeding trials continue this evening funnily enough. Both have now shed with no problems. I've added a lot of live plants so they feel nice and secure. And I've observed them both cruising around their vivs at night. Jerry fed, Ben did not last weekend. But he (or she) was definitely in 'hunting mode' the other night so feeding should be easy........

I have the OK for two US imports. The ones I really want cost three times as much though, so discussions are still ongoing! BK is based in Orlando so I might pop over and go and see him and then head south for a holiday. That may swing things a little.

You almost (finally) got a pic of my Microsynodontis earlier, but by the time I'd got the camera ready they resumed hiding. Will try again tomorow when I do some tank maintenance.

Back on topic, here are some of the animals I plan on using next year in my Sinaloan breeding project.

Normal female.

Resized Image

Albino female.

Resized Image

Normal male with abhorrent markings. This came from a clutch with some very unusual markings, so we'll see how the genetics prove out. Or not.

Resized Image

Striped male.

Resized Image

Hopefully I'll be able to produce an albino striped animal or two as they're very, very rare.

Hope the tags work this time.