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Sump Pump

Subject: Sump Pump
by reander on 13/10/2009 0:37:41

Bit of a rhyming title going on there

I've been thinking about buying a 6ft tank for a while now, i've finally found somewhere that seems quite reputable and doesn't have prices that are going to bankrupt me.

The tank im looking at should hold approx. 450-475L by the time i've got all my bits and bobs in. It will have a glass sump for filtration (not sure of the size at this time)

My question is how many litres an hour should the pump i'm looking at buying for the sump be shifting? The lower end ones are doing 1000-2000 l/h while some are upto 5000 l/h.

I'm sure i've read somewhere it should be doing three or four times the tank capacity if possible, but I can't find where I saw this info, so any help would be great :)