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Re: Fish lying stationary on its side

Subject: Re: Fish lying stationary on its side
by rubadub on 13/9/2009 16:25:03

Thanks for the reply. I've been speaking to a few people I know who keep fish and they all agree with you that its a swim bladder problem and to treat it with salt.

I've been following the swim bladder advice on the Coldwater Help and Advice on these forums and have treated it with some epsom salts once so far (yesterday).

It is still having the same problems It still reacts to being touched and will swim off a bit but very quickly sinks and lies flat. It seems to have far less energy now. It doesn't seem to be moving if not prompted and I would guess it hasn't been eating since this started. I fear the worst.

Pond readings are similar today (0/0/2.5). The hair algae seems to have gone balmy at the end of last week and is everywhere.