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Re: Fish lying stationary on its side

Subject: Re: Fish lying stationary on its side
by rubadub on 10/9/2009 20:32:41


Sorry for the late reply, I've been dealing with another emergency (what a day!).

When I came back tonight the fish was still on its side (the same side) in a different part of the pond. His mouth is moving but I can't see his gills doing much. Got a better change for a photo, see attached:

Resized Image

I'm just doing a large (~40%) water change, the new water is going in now. I weekly pump out ~10% old water, then put enough Tetra Pond Aquasafe (a dechlorinator) in for the whole 850 liters then fill the pond with tap water (thats how it says to do it on the bottle).

I took a Ph test before the water change and it has risen to ~8.5 since the last reading when it was <8 on the 31st August. This is a worry.

This pond was set up at the very start of August but I had a temporary pond before that and the pump and filter had cycled in there many months ago. When setting up the new pond I pumped in lots of the old ponds water and just moved the pump from the old pond into the new one. I assume that keeps all the good bacteria in the filter and the new pond starts off already cycled.

My normal test results in the old and the new pond have always been very low ammonia, very low nitrite and just a little bit of nitrate, and every now and then I get a 0,0,0 result like this morning.

I do have the old pond (waterless now), so I could quarantine the poorly fish if anyone thinks that is a good idea?

The new pond started off with just three fry (~1 inch long) in there, and after a few weeks we got the 6 new fish. The new fish were from a LFS where the water seemed to flow between all the holding tanks for the new fish so I saw little point in keeping the 6 separated from each other for quarantine. We put the new fish straight in to the pond, no quarantine