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Re: Fish lying stationary on its side

Subject: Re: Fish lying stationary on its side
by rubadub on 10/9/2009 14:47:34

Thanks for the advice, I've been meaning to update it since I moved the fish from the temporary bathtub to the new pond.

Copied here to save anyone having to look:

A rigid fibreglass pond raised above ground.

Filtered by: Oase aquamax 6000 and filtoclear 6000 (which has a UV).

Pond set up in August 2009 though the filter was in use and cycled months before that.

3 goldfish fry
2 small yellow comets
2 small red comets
2 small shubunkin

2 mature water lilies
1 clump of water hyacinth
6 bunches of Elodea Crispa
1 water soldier

The 3 fry were left over from looking after someone elses fish and were born sometime early this year! The other fish were bought from a LFS in August 2009.

Resized Image

There are more bricks around the sides since that photo was taken, but it is nowhere near complete.