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Re: Fish lying stationary on its side

Subject: Re: Fish lying stationary on its side
by rubadub on 10/9/2009 10:48:16

Could the fish simply be sleeping?

I have been searching online and most of what I can find talks about fish who are "nose down" or similar, but my fish is simply lay flay on it's side on the floor.

Some searches talk about swim bladder problems, but my fish could swim off ok once I had touched him. I have been feeding them twice (sometimes three times) a day with all they can eat within a few minutes, and this one isn't one of the braver fish so doesn't eat as much as the greedy ones.

Other searches talk about infection and diseases but there are no marks, blobs or ragged edges to his fins.

Not near the pond at the mo so can't check the fish right now.