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Fish lying stationary on its side

Subject: Fish lying stationary on its side
by rubadub on 10/9/2009 8:08:34


One of the new yellow comets is lying on its side on the floor of the pond, not moving at all unless I touch it. Any ideas what the problem might be or what I should do?

I thought it was dead this morning because it was flat on its side on the floor of the pond and went to scoop it out with a net and it swam off just as the net touched it. It was hard to see but it looked to be swimming ok once it moved. A little later I could see it again on its side flat on the floor of the pond. It is still there, with no noticable gill movement or anything else that might signify that it is alive.

I have just tested the water and it is 0.1 mg/l(ppm) ammonia, 0 nitrite and 0 nitrate. I have no way of measuring but the water felt very cold.

Here is the best pic I could take, there are no obvious signs of anything out of the ordinary to my eyes. Note that it is flat on its side, you can't really tell that from the photo.

Resized Image

I still have the old bathtub that I could move it into if you think it should be separated from the other fish?

Any help appreciated.