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Re: New pond syndrome!

Subject: Re: New pond syndrome!
by Bazzer on 20/9/2009 22:54:45

It sounds like the 2nd Bacteria stage is not sufficient as yet to convert the nitrite to nitrate.
The 1st stage which i assume is working converts ammonia to nitrite, so guessing your not showing much as regards ammonia on a test.
Likewise the 2nd stage bacteria converts the nitrite to nitrate, so guessing your not showing to much nitrate on tests either.

So it must be the 2nd stage bacteria not fully developed.

Just to clarify these 2 stages ( i can never remember the technical terms for the bacteria)

The 1st stage bacteria can develop very quickly but the 2nd stage is slow in catching up but it will get there.
(Think this is the basis of 'New Pond Syndrome')

If possible move most of the fish elswhere until this cycle catches up, maybe just leave a couple of fish in there just to keep the cycle ticking over.
Nitrite level will eventually drop.

As Fred says probably best to stop feeding them for a few days (slow the 1st stage down), they will survive.

I would definitley agree about the test strips, as usefull as a choclate teaspoon.