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oxygenating plants/weed?

Subject: oxygenating plants/weed?
by azzar on 30/7/2009 0:25:21

hi guys, i have a problem ... i used to have a big bunch of oxygenating weed/plants, since i built the pond two years ago ive been putting in a big batch every summer because it just disappears over time. i do have 2 grass carp and 3 koi, they all range 6-10" ... could they be responceable? or does it die over the winter?
my neighbor has offered me a big aerator which he used to keep eels alive with, im considering it because surely it will be more affective? and i wont have to keep replacing weed which introduced leeches into my pond in its first year (not the type which attach themself to fish incase your wondering)