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Re: Flatworms

Subject: Re: Flatworms
by lr85ninety on 24/7/2009 21:22:02

i have a massive flatworm ploblem i hate them! i also have a manderin he desnt eat flatworm! so i now have a silver belly bannana wrass who eats baby flatworm but not ennough to really notice the diffrence. watch the 6 line as they can be aggressive and be prepaired to think you've lost him as quick as a flash they bury themselves in the sand lol takes a while for them to settle in! really pleased with the wrasse tho great fish! its still possible to get flatworm exit but it kills all podlife in your tank not just the flatworm which is why ive not used it, wouldnt have been a problem untill i introduced the manderin so catch 22 really