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Re: Flatworms

Subject: Re: Flatworms
by EagleC on 13/7/2009 19:53:27

I've been looking into this myself ( http://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/modules/ ... p?topic_id=22814&forum=21 )
Most expert advice I've read suggests leaving the flatworms to blow themselves out. At the same time almost everyone that's had a problem has added a predator or changed their system somehow.

The predator option is very tempting but I have read very mixed reports. I'm concerned that the Manderin may die of nutrient deficiency over the long term. Most dragonets don't do well in captivity.

The Sixline Wrasse is a much safer option and the fourline wrasse is also said to eat flatworm. Not every one who bought one had positive results though.

No firstline experience yet - but if you find out first, let me know!