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Re: Hard Water Fish - suited to tropical set up

Subject: Re: Hard Water Fish - suited to tropical set up
by ch57evy on 14/1/2010 12:48:21


I am very new to this game and I am trying to set up my own tank. (No Fish yet)still trying to do a fishless cycle.
I was instructed by my LFS to use 1/2 rain water and 1/2 tap water, my water here in Suffolk is quite hard.
So I posed a question in fact many questions and asked on this site for guidance from the Fishy Guru's here who were very helpful.
I was advised by them NOT to use rain water because you dont know where it has come from or what polutants it has picked up along the way.I have also read that interesting artical which helped in some ways and confused me in others! However I personally will follow the advice from the Guru's on this site. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE !!
Christian (ch57evy)