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Re: Hard Water Fish - suited to tropical set up

Subject: Re: Hard Water Fish - suited to tropical set up
by Fishlady on 18/6/2011 7:36:52

Hi Chris,


Tropical Chris wrote:
First worry is will they go for the x-ray tetras if I go for them?

I'm afraid if you go for hard water cichlids you won't really be able to keep anything else with them.

They are all aggressive fish and only suited to being kept with fish of their own kind.

Secondly, can I keep a variety of Cichlids at all?

Absolutely, yes, but there are some rules you have to follow with Cichlids.

Hardwater Cichlids mostly originate in the African Rift Lakes - Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika being the major two sources.

When choosing which species to keep, you need to stick with species from one lake as the water chemistry and lifestyle habits vary too much between the lakes for fish to be combined.

With Lake Malawi there is a furher division between Mbuna and Haps which also can't be mixed.

Both lakes provide a wide-ranging selection of fish, but the combinations need to be chosen carefully as they are very territorial and aggressive.

The first thing would be to look and see which lake's inhabitants appeal to you and then get into the finer details from there.

Rams, by the way wouldn't be an option as they are from South America and are soft water fish.