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Re: Hard Water Fish - suited to tropical set up

Subject: Re: Hard Water Fish - suited to tropical set up
by Fizz on 2/11/2010 18:45:51

Hey Onxyia,

There are plenty of smaller fish suitable for harder water - guppies, mollies, endlers and swordtails to name the most common and popular.

I wouldn't start 'adjusting' your water hardness or PH unless you want a serious headache at a later date. Chemical PH balancers aren't reliable in the longer term and can actually cause more harm than good. The only reliable way to change the water hardness and PH is by adding RO water (purified)to your water change mixed with tap water each week. I do this and it's a huge effort.

It would be really helpful if you got hold of a couple of water tests - if you could test of GH, KH and PH the people on this forum could better advise on what fish would be suitable.

hope this helps,