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Hydra Crystal

Subject: Hydra Crystal
by Bazzer on 21/6/2009 23:23:34

My 1st posting here, so be gentle with me if i get it wrong

Anyone tried Hydra Crystal on their pond ?
Don't seem able to find much info on this product except for the manufactures website and a small fish tank demo.

Anyway over the last few weeks my pond water was starting to look green although the walls and bottom looked fairly clean except from sediment (sandy type stuff).
So thought i would give this product a go (5 days ago), water turned brown as documented on their website and is still brown although slowly clearing (cant see the bottom as yet)

The built in filter on the pump is nice and yucky with rhis brown sludge (so it is doing something).

So i guess my query is, how long will it take to clear ???.

The website mentions for bigger ponds upto 48 hours (i think).

Fish do not seem to be having a problem with this, only me not being able to see the fish

My pond specifics:
250 gallons, 2500lph pump, 35watt UV, gravity filter (Hozelock)
Pond is not shaded but there is shelter for the fish
2 goldies, 4 koi (all about 4-5")
3 koi (about 7-8")
Some surrounding water plants.