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Re: Snail question

Subject: Re: Snail question
by EagleC on 24/6/2009 8:40:11

Ammonia at 1 is going to kill or harm most of what is in the tank. Not good at all.
Start doing water changes or 25% daily until that ammonia comes down to undetectable. Also take the snails out one at a time and give them a sniff. If they smell ok they're alive and can go back in. If the smell makes you feel ill then the snail is dead and should be disposed of.

As for why they are dead, sometimes these things happen but its worth looking for the cause.
Can you post full test results and as much detail about your tank, equipment and your maintenance routine as you can think of?
Is the tank new? Do you make your own RO water? What salt brand? temperature?
As much info as possible really as it all helps narrow down the possibilities.