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Snail question

Subject: Snail question
by Vix on 17/6/2009 0:48:38

Hi I'm new to the world of marine and I have started my first 90 litre tank going just over two weeks ago, the first week was so exciting and I discovered that we had a hitch-hiker in the live rock that went by the name Colin the crab, but we then found that this was a common red eyed crab that could/would be bad for the tank, so we have spent that last week trying to catch him,after catching him we have since had my water tested, the levels are all good and the tank has finished its cycle and have been given the green light to start, so yesterday I added two clown fish, 2 snails and 2 hermit crabs, now the question that I have is, when I put the turbo snails in they looked fine and went on there way but since have fallen of the rocks and retreated in their shells, I am worried that something is wrong with the rest of my tank an would be greatfull for any information that anyone can offer.