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Another new tank!!

Subject: Another new tank!!
by jamielloyd on 8/6/2009 23:27:39

I know this isn't ideal but im onto my 3rd tank in 9 months.. Previous tanks where second hand tanks but now ive got a new one and i want to set it up properly and leave it alone!

Ive bought a tank without the stand as i want to use it with what would be considered the side of the tank against the wall.. i thought this would give me more viewing space!

the new tank is 4ft x 2ft so its going to way a fair bit.. has anyone else built their cabinet? if so how did you make it and what kind of weight is it holding.. just for an idea of what i need to build it from.. shop bought stands seem to be made from next to nothing

I need some replacement bulbs for a 4ft arcadia light does anyone know anywhere cheap for bulbs? it took 2 weeks last time i got them from my LFS lol