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Re: 'salinity' what does this mean??

Subject: Re: 'salinity' what does this mean??
by gwa84 on 26/5/2009 22:45:13

right the low dawn

these are a full land crab that occasional takes a dip into fresh water not salted they are one of the few crabs that do not reproduce by dispersing their eggs into the see they hatch as full formed crabs making them totally independent of water other then for the occasional mosturisasion session

for the tank set up your looking at a tank of at least 2 foot in length land mass to water ratio of 4 quarters land to one quarter water the water should be a least 4 to 6 inches deep with a gentle slope to the land section the plenty of low lying bog wood peace's for climbing out and sheltering around on lend

moisture should be kept berry hi with a temperature controlled via a heat mat attached to the outside of the rear glass panel fitted to a thermostat set to 76f

a small air pawerd corner sponge filter would be ideal for the water section and standard aquarium tube for lighting use a plant grow light if you are considering growing bog plants out of the water section

they are a communal crab so groups can be kept together with no problems their claws are on the small side and it has been reported that they do not cannibalize young or actively attack others

they are primarily a scavenger in the wild so their diet can consist of fish peace crab pellets wormy foods and just about anything you could think of

all in all a god crab for the aquarium