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Re: White strings

Subject: Re: White strings
by darknite on 28/5/2009 12:52:33

Thanks stardust and pablo....

There has been a miracle!!!! I took your advice on cleaning the filter mediums and after 10 mins of replacing them back into the U2 fluval filter Quattro suddenly "SHOT" up to the surface a his usual speed and actually jumped out the water! He's swimming around more now, slowly but surely! After his fe rounds he comes back to the bottom to relax and then takes a few more rounds!

This is unbelievable, i'm assuming that the salt and cleaning of filter have helped him :) (I'm looking at him now and his swam to his favorite spot (under the filter where there are water currents).

YAY! Thanks everyone below is a summary (all the notes of this topic) for anyone else experiencing the same problem can refer to in the future:

Incase of nitrite poisoning:

- Make sure your filter media is clean
- Use Aquarium salt to counter the nitrITE. (ensure it is not normal table salt as the preservatives can burn the skin)
- Increase areation
- Stop feeding the fish few a week allowing the nitrite to be cleared up.
- Always double check with someone the amount of food to be given (2/3 times a day is too much)
- Install live aquarium plants which will help regulate the water deep down.

Hope this helps, thanks again everyone.