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Re: White strings

Subject: Re: White strings
by stardust79 on 28/5/2009 1:35:45

Rapid gill movement is a sign of nitrite poising also.

Not a good sign when the fish is laying on the bottom I am afraid.

Add some salt like suey suggested as this will stop nitrite poisoning. Think it is 1 gram of salt per gallon but double check this

Sounds to me like he is very poorly :(

I would not chase him around with the net though as this will stress him out even more. Stress in fish weakens the immune system. So don't move him either. Can you turn the pump up at all to give him more oxygen?

Sometimes, and I found this with previous fish I have had is that the nirtite/ammonia levels have made them very ill. this is usually the main reason for fish illness and deaths.
I have been there a few times :(

Also, yes you have been over feeding him. He only needs 2 to 3 flakes/pellets a day. Over feeding will contribute to high nitrite levels.
Not feeding him for a week will not harm your fish at all.

from the videos I would say he looks like he is suffering from nitrite poisoning. there is not a lot else you can do apart from keep the water clean, add some salt and wait and see.

EDIT: I see you have already added salt