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Re: White strings

Subject: Re: White strings
by darknite on 27/5/2009 23:02:57

Thanks for your ongoing help.

I do not clean the filter as I did not know you do this I was only told to replace the sponges every 3months.

I was actually at my local LFS looking for some plants today but they did not have any. I will have alook at some other fish shops tomorrow.

The light is always off, I only used it so I could capture it. Yeah not a very good video he was in a weird position.
I lifted both caves up and vaccumed under it and alot of debris come out. The one thing which I think has led to this is the actual vaccuming!

During the vaccuming alot of debris was floating around, bits of food, excrement etc. I think he may have swallowed some of this as this is around the time he became ill. He is breathing heavily but i've made sure the air filter is always on aswell as lifting the air filter out the water abit which causes it to spurt out bubbles.

I added some aqua tonic salt by interpret so hopefully this helps. I think it might be the nitrite like you said causing the oxygen not to bind properly. Hopefully the salt helps and the plants I get tomorrow will aerate the water deeply by releasing oxygen. It hurts me to see him breathe so deeply as it must be painful :(

There is not white fluff or spots anywhere i've had a good look neither can I see finrot. (which rules out infection hopefully!)

One thing I did notice is that his orange spots (he has four on his face) have started to go pale and disappear. I would not know what to look for in regards to a heavy slime coat, unfortunately. His gills do look like fresh and red which is one good thing :) I can't smell anything bad from the water and it seems to look clear aswell.

Here are two more videos i've taken to get a better view of him:


my LFS told me that I should not feed him for a week as i've been feeding him 2/3 times a day as stated on the container and he said that it's too much, which could be the reason for high levels in nitrite. Is this a good thing to do?

Thank You :) Oh yeh sorry, I don't have a temperature at the moment but i'm trying to locate one and will get the recording up ASAP.