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Re: White strings

Subject: Re: White strings
by suey2 on 27/5/2009 22:09:28

He doesn't look very happy does he We really could do with some more info, it's quite tricky to see him in the vid. He does seem to be breathing rather heavily.

Does he have any red streaks in his fins/tail? What sort of colour are his gill membranes - they should look 'fresh meat red'. Any white spots, fluffy bits, heavy slime coat?

Have you moved the ornaments and had a good hoover around and under them?

Any odd smells from the water, rotten eggs in particular?

I wouldn't move him but I would turn out the light in his tank and give him some quiet time.

When you clean the filter do you use tank water to rinse out the sponges? When did you last clean it? What temperature is the water at the moment?

He doesn't have much cover or things to hide in/around - a few live plants will provide cover and make him feel more secure as well as helping with water quality. Elodea and hornwort are ast growing and cheap. He might be a little stressed from feeling exposed