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Re: Coldwater Aquariums and Fishkeeping

Subject: Re: Coldwater Aquariums and Fishkeeping
by lseaton on 6/7/2004 9:29:54

I've always thought the water looked disgusting they were in so i always tip them in a net and suspend the net in tank water in a jug - then add them to the tank

I have rarely fed them bloodworms as i can't stand to look at them - they are quite foul

The lfs has a delivery of livefood on Thursdays, so i always go after work so the food is fresh.
I only bought brineshrimp at first (cos they look pretty)but i'm not sure if it's a seasonal thing? but the bags of brineshrimp now aren't nearly as full of the shrimps as they used to be, so aren't worth buying.
The bags of Daphnia are still teaming with the little creatures, so get one of those now a week