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Coldwater Aquariums and Fishkeeping

Subject: Coldwater Aquariums and Fishkeeping
by Goldy on 2/7/2004 16:34:20

Came across these and thought some of you may find them informative and also interesting reading:


Note the live food information below as I tend to use frozen, in jelly or freeze dried bloodworms etc but not live food for this reason:

Never feed live aquatic foods (daphnia, tubifex, bloodworms and mosquito larvae). Although these foods are the natural diet of most fish, they contain parasites that will infest the fish and cause many problems in the small confines of the home aquarium. Only if these natural foods have been treated (irradiated, frozen, freeze-dried) are they safe and can be used as a treat.

http://www.bva-awf.org.uk/default.asp ... _id=672&editorial_id=4045