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Re: Mystery thing attached to my WCMM

Subject: Re: Mystery thing attached to my WCMM
by mr_mop on 11/5/2009 9:18:04


cathie wrote:
I'd second all that EagleC just said except that the main filtration in a biorb is undergravel filtration using the ceramic media, chucking out the sponge in the filter cartridge as the manufacturers recommend is unwise as the sponge also becomes supplementary biological filtration not merely mechanical filtration as the manufacturers assert, and can tip the balance when the filter is barely coping, so it is wise to cut it in half and change only half at a time, but it is not wholly disastrous in all cases e.g. if the biorb is very lightly stocked (must revise that article some time).

Thanks for the advice Cathie. I'd been leaving the sponge behind and changing the charcoal/coral bits only after reading that advice here.