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Re: Mystery thing attached to my WCMM

Subject: Re: Mystery thing attached to my WCMM
by mr_mop on 10/5/2009 16:11:52

Thanks for the reply EagleC

I'll try to answer you as best I can.

Size? / Volume? Its a 30L Biorb.
When set up? Its been set up for a good 4 years.
Fish? There a 9 WCMM.
Test Results(ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph, temp)?
Last pH test I did was around 2 months ago, and was around 6.5
I haven't ever tested any of the others.
Maintenance routine? I change around half the water every 3 months or so, with a new filter. I clean the sides of the tank every time algae builds up.
Recent changes? I introduced 3 new plants as the other two had been eaten/died.

Should I separate him from the other fish?