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Re: Ill Fantail

Subject: Re: Ill Fantail
by Goldy on 2/7/2004 18:45:13

The only problem with feeding live food Di is that you run the risk of introducing disease or parasites into the tank, you are safer with frozen or freeze dried.

Here is something else for you to read that may help:

One of the commonest complaints the fancy goldfish can develop is that of swim bladder derangement, when the swim bladder retains too much internal gas and results in the fish being unable to leave the water's surface. Occasionally but less frequently the opposite occurs, and the fish is unable to get off the bottom without a good deal of energy-sapping struggling. The round-bodied fish are particularly prone to this condition, due to the congestion of their internal organs within the globular body profile. Good feeding is often the means of preventing this distressing complaint. The fact that it is possible to maintain a goldfish throughout its natural life with nothing more than one kind of dried food is its downfall. The dried food is dehydrated to a considerable degree, of course. When digested it will absorb water and swell significantly, pressing against already precariously positioned internal organs, which can in turn cause permanent swim bladder derangement. Soaking the food before feeding it is a partial remedy, but by feeding a much more nutritious diet, including some frozen natural foods of shrimps, insects, and other meaty products, the problem will most often be completely avoided.