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Re: Ill Fantail

Subject: Re: Ill Fantail
by Anonymous on 1/7/2004 10:27:03

do you feed live food, i was told and I stand by this, that all fanfail goldfish should have live daphnia once a week, to prevent constipation which can lead to swimbladder infections. You can tell if it is constipation by the fact that it will produce stringy poops, and light coloured too.
Also all dried food should be soaked for 10 mins in tank water before feeding and preferably you should switch to feeding sinking goldfish pellets.
Its a common problem and is mainly due to the fishes distorted body shape. Keeping your water quality perfect
is a must and by far the most common cause of swimbladder infections. Floating is by far more sucessfully treated than sunken fish, the floating is usually caused by air, due to either gasping air at the surface (bad water quality) or by bloating caused by the dry food, soaking up fluid inside the fish, hense making the fish lighter.
I hope this and the excellant advice given by goldy are helpful. di