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Re: Help for my comet please

Subject: Re: Help for my comet please
by TetraLinz on 25/4/2009 6:53:26

Sounds like it could be whitespot, but a picture would help confirm diagnosis.

If it is whitespot, you'll have to watch the other fish as well. If the new fish has been in with the existing one for any length of time, chances are, there are some of the parasites in the water of both tanks.

In some cases, salt can be used to treat whitespot (proper aquarium tonic salt - table salt is no good at all), but the parasites are growing immunity to it so it's better to treat with medication, so get Protozin or Esha Exit in. Temperature hikes increase the life-cycle of the parasite and reproduction failure doesn't occur until temps are higher than 30*C. Even tropical fish will suffer in those kinds of temps. Anything less than 30*C just works to the parasite's advantage - they breed quicker and the fish are infected at a quicker rate, so for tropical tanks, one of the best ways to treat it would be to administer meds, THEN slowly increase temps to 30*C.

For goldfish you can't use the temp hikes to your advantage so treatment times have to be longer - around the 2 week mark.

Edit// Flicking or flashing is when the fish rubs itself off the decor and/or substrate. Substrate is the gravel or sand - whatever's on the base of the tank. Fin clamping is when the fish holds its fins to its body.